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Authors: WALSH Trust

Year: 2007

Event: 2007 TheMHS Awards


Type of resource: TheMHS Awards

Award state: NZ

Award level: Finalist

Award category: Non Government Organisation (NGO) Provided Services

Abstract: Established in 1988, by 2003 WALSH Trust had grown to become a key provider of mental health support services in West Auckland. However the development of the organisation had struggled to keep pace with the demands of contractual compliance, workforce development, and organisational sustainability. Further, the process of transition from founding, charismatic leadership to successors remained incomplete. In response the Board embarked upon a pathway to restore WALSH Trust to a position of health, where a culture of hope, optimism, and indeed recovery pervaded, where the organisation could once again confidently aspire to its full potential. In 2006, WALSH Trust has more than doubled its contract revenue of 2002. Service provision has expanded, service quality has lifted with the introduction of staff development programmes (more clearly linked to remuneration), and the introduction and use of IT now enables greater ability to monitor and plan service delivery. Description of Facility/Organisation: WALSH Trust has been a leader in the provision of community-based mental health support services in West Auckland since 1988. It is a uniquely home-grown service proud of it’s community-based origins. The mission statement focuses upon three core elements, underpinning services offered: 1) choice – support to access a range of options that best meet a person’s unique and individual needs; 2) recovery – support that enables people to enjoy ‘mental health’, in spite of a ‘mental illness’; 3) community – services that are provided in people’s communities – not ours. In 2006 WALSH Trust employed 80 staff, holds a budget of $4.5m and offers a range of services to around 350 people including: Mobile community support; Housing; Personal/vocational development; Training (NZQA unit standards); Supported Employment. WALSH Trust are also active participants in regional and national initiatives to continue the development of quality, recovery focussed, community-based mental health services.

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