YPPI (Young People & Early Psychosis Intervention) & YPPI-IA (Young People & Psychiatric Illness – Intervention & Assessment)

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Authors: YPPI Centre (Young People - Prevention and Early Intervention Centre)

Year: 1998

Event: 1998 TheMHS Awards


Type of resource: TheMHS Awards

Award state: NSW

Award level: Bronze

Award category: Child and Adolescent Service

Abstract: The YPPI Programme is an innovative partnership between the Youth Health and Mental Health Services of the Central Coast Area Health Service which has been operating since 1994. The programme was enhanced in 1996 with funding through the National Youth SUicide Strategy which allowed for the establishment of the Young People and Psychiatric Illness - Intervention and Assessment (YPPI-IA) Project. YPPI/YPPI-IA has direct service and consultative components and with the assistance of additional funding has extended the moel further to include the development of protocols. Additionally, the Programme has utilised spcific indicators ensuring transferablility of its findings to other health areas. PArt of the model included a 24 hour second "on-call", 'Y' Page service and YPPI/YPPI-IA is placed under the umbrella of Younth Health as opposed to the mainstream adult mental health system. Partnerships have been developed with young people and carers and service provision has been tailored to better meet their needs. Current modes of service delivery to the target group include early intervention strategies and emphasises a need to examine and omplement programmes aimed at suicide prevention. The focus of the programme is on early intervention and on researching and establishing "good" practice models of care. The needs of young people experiencing problematic drig and alcohol use in addition to a mental illness, has been a specific target group for this programme given that they have traditionally dropped through "gaps" in service provision. Description of Facility/Organisation: The YPPIA Centre houses a number of prevention and early intevetion projects. These include primarily the YPPI and the YPPI-IA programmes which are early intervention programmes for young people experiencing severe mental health issues, and who are at risk of suicide. These programmes are joint programmes between the Youth Health and Mental Health Services. The YPPI Programme also manages the YPPI House which is a residential service situated at Mardi (near Wyong), and which offers support and accommodation to young people with emerging or newly establsihe major mental illness of less than two years duration. The YPPI Centre also houses the Early Intervention in Depression programms, which is an ealry intervention programme for young people and their families, who are experiencing issues around depression. The Progressive Employment Personnel for Young People (PEPY) Programme is a joint programme between YPPI and PEP and also utilises the YPPI Centre. It provides a specialist employment service which caters tot he vocational needs of people who have a mental illness, and it is designed to meet the specific needs of young people who are aged from 16 to 25.

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