Spanning TheMHS events since 1990, including TheMHS Conferences, Summer Forums, and Award programs, the Resource Library is one of the most comprehensive records of mental health services, programs and research in Australia and New Zealand, and we think it’s worth sharing!

In this Resource Library you will find proceedings from TheMHS Conferences since 1990, Award winning programs and services dating back to 1994, and audio recordings of some of our keynote presentations from over the years. You will also have access to supplementary material (including PowerPoint files) from these presentations. The contents of the Resource Library are regularly updated, so keep checking back to see what’s new!

Please note that the Resource Library is a collection of presentations and other materials from TheMHS Learning Network events. TheMHS Learning Network does not endorse the views of all authors or the content of all presentations or other materials.

Please also note that not all speakers and presenters from TheMHS events give permission for their presentation to be available online.

How to use the Resource Library

It’s simple! You may search by event (e.g. 2015 TheMHS Conference), by type (e.g. Awards Application), or by Keyword. Searching multiple fields at the same time will NARROW your results.

E.g. Searching for the word “keynote” and the event “2003 TheMHS Conference” at the same time will deliver keynote papers and audio recordings only from 2003.

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With so many resources to choose from, we’ve put together a handy list of quick searches to get you started.

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