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SF14 Discussion point: Addressing workplace trauma

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Claybury Stress Study Key findings:

In the Claybury Stress Study, Community Mental Health nurses’ wellbeing was predicted by:

  • Not having services to refer to
  • Dealing with long waiting lists
  • Dealing with suicidal patients on one’s own
  • Not having time for study/personal improvement
  • Having too many interruptions
  • Visiting unsafe areas
  • Feeling that there is not enough hospital back up
  • Having to work with clients with a history of violence
  • Coping with changes at the workplace

View an abstract of the study here.

What helps? Over the coming days we will explore ways of addressing trauma for workers and consumers – Kevin emphasises:

  • Strengthening cinical supervision
  • Strengthening management dupport
  • Cooperational health interventions
  • Monitoring the workforce
  • Reduction of stigma

What do you think contributes to psychological health and ill-health of workers in your workplace?

(Full summary to come…)