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SF14 Session 4: NSW Mental Health Commission and the draft Strategic Plan for Mental Health in NSW

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From the Mental Health Commission of NSW website:

“The Mental Health Commission of NSW is developing a draft Strategic Plan for Mental Health in NSW.

The Plan will reflect the needs, wishes and priorities of people affected by mental illness.

Responsibility for meeting the needs of people who experience mental illness, their families, carers and supporters, does not lie only within the health sector. We want a Plan that recognises mental health is a shared concern of many NSW Government agencies and the wider community.

The Plan will also embody ideas of autonomy and recovery – that is, supporting people to manage their own health, and live according to their own aspirations. For more information on the Commission’s planning principles, please read Living well in our community – Paper 1.

We have divided the reform planning process into themes based on life stages and concerns that may arise at those times. Of course, we are also considering system issues that are relevant across the whole life-span. For more information on the reform process please visit our Strategic Plan – road to reform web page.

The Commission has now received many contributions and feedback on the draft Strategic Plan through workshops, forums, face-to-face meetings, phone calls and written submissions.

We are now collating all the feedback received and are currently developing the draft Strategic Plan documents.

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