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Awarding and recognising best practice, excellence and innovation in mental health service delivery and honouring individuals who have made an exceptional contribution to mental health across Australia and New Zealand since 1992.

TheMHS Awards Aim To:
  • Promote the delivery of good mental health services
  • Encourage consumer-focused services
  • Recognise good practice
  • Reward dedication and commitment  to service delivery and increase staff morale
  • Create “good news” stories about mental health issues and to decrease stigma

Prizes are awarded in each category. Winners will receive Financial support to attend the 2019 TheMHS Conference in Brisbane including travel, accommodation and a complimentary 3-day conference registration. Winners will also receive recognition on our website, in the Conference eBook of Proceedings, the TheMHS Awards Booklet and the Online Resource Collection.

Key Dates

Service and Program, Early Career Research and Exceptional Contribution Awards
12 November 2018
Submissions open
10 April 2019
Submissions Deadline
Media Journalism Awards
10 December 2018
Submissions open
1 May 2019
Submissions Deadline
28 August 2019
Presentation of all TheMHS Awards at TheMHS Conference

Award Sections

Outstanding Contribution to Mental Health

TheMHS Outstanding Contribution Awards recognise individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to mental health service delivery and acknowledge a remarkable accomplishment and wide sphere of influence.

Programs & Services

TheMHS is committed to recognising positive aspects of service delivery, celebrating the good work being done and “sharing the news”. There are usually 8 categories so there will be one to suit your program or service.

Evaluation & Research

Our newest awards: The Tom Trauer Evaluation and Research Award, and the TheMHS Awards for Early Career Research in Mental Health aim to recognise the excellent work of an individual or research team for their work in research and evaluation.

Media Awards

Promoting and rewarding achievement and excellence of accurate media coverage about mental health.

The aim of the Media Awards for journalism is to encourage positive, accurate and sensitive media coverage about mental health. The overall goal of the Media Awards is to communicate information, to reduce the impact of mental disorder and any associated stigma and to encourage people to seek treatment early.

2018 Awards Ambassador

The Honourable Julia Gillard AC

Former Prime Minister the Hon Julia Gillard AC is Chair of beyondblue, having been a board member since December 2014. She also serves as Chair of the Global Partnership for Education, a leading organization dedicated to expanding access to quality education worldwide. Ms Gillard is a non-resident Distinguished Senior Fellow with the Center for Universal Education at the Brookings Institution in Washington and an Honorary Professor at the University of Adelaide. Ms Gillard serves as Patron of CAMFED, the John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library and the Aim for the Stars Foundation, and is also on the Board of Governors of the Committee for the Economic Development of Australia.

TheMHS Learning Network is delighted to announce The Hon Julia Gillard AC as the 2018 TheMHS Awards Ambassador.

Julia Gillard Mental Health Ambassador

Awards Background

The first Australia and New Zealand Achievement Awards were presented by the Australian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health, the Hon Brian Howe, MP, at the 1992 TheMHS Conference. TheMHS Awards are given to mental health services, programs and individuals in Australia and New Zealand who provide high quality services for people who have mental illnesses and their families. Invited presenters of TheMHS Awards have included a long list of eminent Australians and New Zealanders from all walks of life connected to mental health, including Governors General, two Australians of the Year, politicians, judiciary, Governors, bureaucrats and media personalities.

The Mental Health Service (TheMHS) Awards of Australia and New Zealand were established to provide a focus for “good news” stories about mental health; to increase the morale and quality of mental health services throughout both countries; and to reward the dedication and commitment of mental health service staff and management. The Awards reward services and individuals who are changing the way services are delivered, in accord with the National Mental Health Strategy.

Do you know a potential award winner?

Do you know of an impressive program, service or work of journalism that you would like to encourage to enter for a TheMHS Mental Health Award?

Please encourage them to enter or let us know and provide us with their contact information by emailing awards@themhs.org. TheMHS will follow up with further details and support to assist with the submission of an entry.

The source of the recommendation will always remain confidential.

2018 Winners