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TheMHS 2015 S095: The changing landscape of perinatal education: Introducing the “PEPP Talk” (Preparing Emotionally for the Perinatal Period)

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This afternoon we saw Peach Tree co-founder Vivianne Kissane and volunteer Rani Farmer talk about experiences of enterning parenthood. The women share a deep concern about the lack of mental and emotional preparation that is given to parents entering into childbirth and the complex changes that follow.

Their experiences of motherhood were far from media’s portrayal of well composed, ideal family life. Instead, both women experienced-

-Sleep disturbance
-Memory and concentration issues
-Loss communication ability
-Social exclusion

They cited Brene Brown as a big influence on their organisation’s goal, “Connection is why we are here. It is what gives purpose and meaning in lives.”

In what has been a recurring theme in my experience of TheMHS 2015, Peach Tree is centred on the need for authentic contact and strong communication and support, particularly for those experiencing perinatal mental health problems. 

Generally modern culture has fostered a love of “independence”, that can be alienating to those who need support. Peach Tree volunteers seek to revive the adage “It takes a village to raise a child.”, insisting all parents need strong support networks during the rearing of a child.

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