15 - 18 August 2023
Adelaide Convention Centre, Adelaide

The Mental Health Services Conference

Bringing humanity and human rights into mental health

e-Posters are a great introduction to new programs and research. Please peruse at your leisure.

Recovery 2gether: a purpose-driven approach to bringing

Yumi Stamet, Vivien Tait & Josh Manzione

A culture shift is needed to include art therapy in the clinical treatment of mental health issues

Eileen Jenkins & May Su

Connecting with people compassion based suicide prevention framework in the ACT

Ciaran Bird

Driving and mental health: Moving beyond risk and legislation to support and self-regulation

Catherine Palmer, Glen Dollman, Carolyn Dun, Erin Finch, Janene Strahan & Megan Turville

Facing our Faux-design: Reflections on implementing co-design

Francesca Castle & Molly Galea

How laying the foundations for Peer Leadership is creating pathways for the future

Christopher Grumley & Melany Webber

Improving cultural responsiveness: Reflections from a short-term localised project at a youth mental health service

Stephanie Shavin, Kimberley Wriedt & Laura Boscaglia

Integration of framework for lived experience (peer) work in Southeastern NSW

Ryan D’Lima

My Place My Life: 31 Homes Project

Judith Klavins & Mel Kubisa

NSW Mental Health Act 2007 #8 Information Resources: A co-design project

Peter Schmiedgen

Positive futures: Regency Green community living options

Mel Kubisa & Muriel Kirkby

Shifting the Balance of Power: Moving beyond a seat at the table to equality in decision making

David Butt

Spiritual diversity in personal recovery from mental health challenges: A qualitative study from Chinese-Australian service users’ perspectives

Ling He & Melissa Petrakis

Vocational education and training in mental health

Dylan Smith