Tom Trauer Evaluation and Research Award

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About the Tom Trauer Evaluation and Research Award

Tom Trauer

Tom Trauer
10.11.44 10.07.13

First launched in 2014, the Tom Trauer Evaluation and Research Award recognises an Australian or New Zealand person or research team for excellence in their work in either research or evaluation of mental health services and programs. This Award would suit middle to senior level researchers and celebrates a substantial body of work.

The Award commemorates Tom’s substantial and generous contributions to mental health services research over many years. His career was sadly ended too early by illness, and Mental Health lost a stalwart advocate.

Please see eligibility and entry criteria by clicking the headings below.

Rules and Eligibility

  • Service/project entered in one category only
  • Different parts of a larger organisation may enter different categories
  • Previous winning entries can reapply after one year has elapsed (i.e. if awarded in 2020, cannot reapply until 2022) on the condition that there is documented evidence of significant development or change

This award would best suit a candidate such as:

  • Mid to senior level researchers or service providers
  • Managers of an NGO
  • Individuals or organisations undertaking evaluation
  • Individual or lead researcher

Entry Guidelines

Entries must include the following:

Part A
  • Short summary of Entry (150 words)
  • Short summary of organisations (150 words)

Should the Entry be successful in winning this award, the short summaries will be published in the annual Awards Booklet.

Part B (submitted as a single PDF file)
  • Cover Page (click to download; 1 x A4 page)
  • Additional Information (1 x A4 page)
    Please expand upon the summary from Part A.
  • Address of following Criteria (max. 10 x A4 pages)
    1. Evidence of contribution to, or potential impact on, mental health service improvement
    2. Evidence of research excellence
    3. Evidence of participation of mental health consumers, in the planning, implementation and evaluation as relevant
    4. Evidence of Partnerships and Linkages (collaboration for continuity between organisations)
    5. Verification and Evaluation of the research effectiveness in achieving the goals of the investigation(s)
  • Conclusion (1/2 x A4 page)
  • Referees (1/2 x A4 page)
    Nominate two referees.
  • Appendix of Support Material (max. 8 x A4 pages)
  • Judges reserve the right to refuse an entry if they feel that it does not meet the selection criteria as listed under “Entry Guidelines” > “Part B”.
  • Judges reserve the right to withdraw a TheMHS Award at any time, including after the Award is granted, if they find that the entrant does not comply with the entry conditions.

For any questions or concerns, including guidance about the most appropriate category, please email