Tom Trauer Evaluation and Research Award

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Tom Trauer
10.11.44 — 10.07.13

About the Tom Trauer Evaluation and Research Award

First launched in 2014, the Tom Trauer Evaluation and Research Award recognises an Australian or New Zealand person or research team for excellence in their work in either research or evaluation of mental health services and programs. This Award would suit middle to senior level researchers and celebrates a substantial body of work.

The Award commemorates Tom’s substantial and generous contributions to mental health services research over many years. His career was sadly ended too early by illness, and Mental Health lost a stalwart advocate.

Eligibility and Criteria

Please download the Award Information PDF for further information about applying for this category of Award, including, rules, eligibility and entry guidelines.

Key Dates

  • The Mental Health Services Awards submissions close April 11, 2024.

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