Upcoming Webinars

Seeking connection: What is really happening on the frontline of mental health system support?

25 August 6-7pm AEST

Over the last decade, general awareness of mental health in media, society, and culture has significantly improved. Help seeking has increased and recent policy and funding initiatives have recognised the increased demand and need for services.

Those on the frontline, regardless if they are in public, private or primary care, are noticing increased levels of distress in the community. The demand for services has increased across the full spectrum of mental ill-health; from mild to moderate to more complex and enduring mental illness. Frontline staff are acutely aware of the social determinants playing a causative or exacerbating role in mental ill-health and distress, and of the challenges in gaining any systematic traction to address these.

For people on both sides of the frontline – those seeking help and those seeking to provide support – the current system is not working. Creative, ‘whole of society’ thinking is needed to generate and trial better ways of working.

This free one-hour, solution-seeking webinar is based on Dr Adrian Plaskitt’s recent ‘truth telling’ article about what is really wrong with Australia’s mental health system. This important GP perspective will be examined, along with the voice of lived experience, and a clinician/reform perspective.

The discussions will focus on questions such as: Is some re-thinking required in how we frame and understand mental ill-health and distress? How can we create a more inter-connected system with more equity of access, better supports, and better outcomes for people and their families? How can system reform, not limited to our health and mental health systems, drive different ways of thinking and acting to deliver better outcomes.