Exceptional Contribution Award

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About the Exceptional Contribution Award

This award recognises an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to mental health service delivery and acknowledges a remarkable accomplishment in the unfolding story of Mental Health Service delivery in Australia and New Zealand.

The first Exceptional Contribution Award was awarded in 1994 to Ms Robyn Byers from New Zealand at TheMHS Conference in Melbourne. The second winner, in 1995, was Professor Patrick McGorry AO, Australia. Other winners in the award’s prestigious history can be found here.

Please see eligibility and entry criteria by clicking the headings below.

Rules and Eligibility

  • Entries are by nomination only (not self-nomination)
  • This is an award for an individual and the entry must address the nominee’s contribution to mental health rather than focus on the nominee’s program/organisation

Entry Guidelines

Entries must include the following:

Part A
  • A brief description of the person being nominated for the award (max. 150 words)
    This section best describes the essence of the nominee’s exceptional contribution as if to an audience or journalist. Should the entry be successful, this section will be used in the Awards Booklet which documents all Award winners and finalists.
  • Background description of main organisation, if relevant (max. 150 words)
    e.g. area served, budget, funding sources, staff numbers, number of active clients, etc.
Part B (submitted as a single PDF file)
  • Cover Page (click to download; 1 x A4 page)
  • Additional description (1 x A4 page)
    Please expand upon brief description from Part A.
  • C.V. of nominee (max. 2 x A4 pages)
  • Address of following¬†Criteria (max. 8 x A4 pages):
    1. Evidence of a significant contribution to the field of mental health on a local, state or national level.
    2. Evidence of innovation or a high standard of service.
  • Conclusion (1/2 x A4 page)
  • Referees (1/2 x A4 page)
    Nominate 2 referees.
  • Appendix of Support Material (max. 8 x A4 pages)
    e.g. back up material such as research abstracts, publications, data charts, news clippings, feedback and photographs.
  • Judges reserve the right to refuse an entry if they feel that it does not meet the selection criteria as listed under “Entry Guidelines” > “Part B”.
  • Judges reserve the right to withdraw a TheMHS Award at any time, including after the Award is granted, if they find that the entrant does not comply with the entry conditions.

For any questions or concerns, including guidance about the most appropriate category, please email awards@themhs.org