Exceptional Contribution Award Application

About the Exceptional Contribution Award

This award recognises an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to mental health service delivery and acknowledges a remarkable accomplishment in the unfolding story of Mental Health Service delivery in Australia and New Zealand.

The first Exceptional Contribution Award was awarded to Ms Robyn Byers from Nelson Marlborough Health Service in 1994 at TheMHS Conference in Melbourne. Other winners in the award’s prestigious history can be found here.

Before lodging your entry please ensure that:

• You meet the relevant “Rules and Scoring” requirements
• You have read and followed the “Preparing your entry” instructions
• You have read the “Lodging your entry” instructions

If you experience any difficulties, please email awards@themhs.org or telephone +61(2) 9810 8700


Entries are by nomination only (not self nomination) and must:

  • Include a brief CV of the person.
  • Address their significant contribution to Mental Health
  • Ensure focus is on the person’s contribution rather than on their program/organisation

To nominate an individual follow the Application Instructions.

Judges have the right not to accept an entry which, by their assessment, does not comply with the requirements of TheMHS Awards program. The judges’ decision will be final. TheMHS Awards Committee reserves the right to withdraw a TheMHS Award if it later finds the entrant did not comply with the entry conditions.


Each entry must address the following two criteria, stating what it is that has made the individual’s contribution significant to the field of mental health in Australia or New Zealand.

  • Evidence that the person has made a significant contribution to the field of mental health on a local, state or national level.
  • Evidence that the person is doing something innovative or is maintaining a high standard of service.
Part A

Please prepare and have ready to include with your online submission:

  • Demographic Details
  • A brief description of the person entered for the award
    (150 words or less that best describes the essence of the nominee’s exceptional contribution to an audience or journalist. This will be used in preparing the book of Award winners and finalists should the entry be successful).
  • Background description of main organisation if relevant
    (e.g. area served, budget, funding sources, staff numbers, number of active clients, etc. 150 word limit)

Once you have submitted Part A, you will be directed to Part B of the submission process.

Part B

Prepare Part B according to the following instructions and have ready to submit as a single pdf file.

Additional Description – up to 1 x A4 page. (Service information additional to that covered in Part A)

All applications must include the following cover page with the appropriate fields filled in. Please download the cover page and ensure that this is the first page of your document:

Exceptional Contribution Cover Sheet

Please ensure that your submission also includes the following:

  • Brief C.V. of nominee – up to 2 x A4 pages.
  • Address each of the criteria below: – up to 8 X A4 pages.
    (Judges allocate marks to each criterion)
    1. Evidence of a significant contribution to the field of mental health on a local, state or national level.
    2. Evidence of innovation or a high standard of service.
  • Conclusion – up to ½ x A4 page.
  • Referees: Nominate two referees.
  • Appendix of Support Material – up to 8 x A4 pages. (e.g. back up material such as research abstracts, publications, data charts, news clippings, feedback and photographs).

Once you have prepared Part A and a Part B you will need to create an account and log in. To lodge your entry, first register your details by clicking on “Update Details”. Next, click on “Part A Submission’ and follow the prompts to complete Part A.

After Saving a Draft or Submitting Part A you will be able to access Part B. You can submit Part A and Part B separately. You just need to use the link and your unique Sign In details. You can move between previous screens using the back and forwards arrow at the top of the computer screen or the tabs at the top of the page. To access a saved draft or view a submitted Entry, select the View/Edit Part A or View/Edit Part B tab.

Thank you for your interest in TheMHS Awards. We value your Awards entry greatly!