Adolescents Coping with Emotions (ACE) Program

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Authors: Northern Sydney Area Health Service

Year: 2000

Event: 2000 TheMHS Awards


Type of resource: TheMHS Awards

Award state: NSW

Award level: Gold

Award category: Mental Illness Prevention Program

Abstract: Description of Facility/Organisation: The ACE (Adolescents Coping with emotions) early intervention program is steered by a collaboartive consortium of University, Health Department and Department of Education and Training leaders, Northern Sydney Health has a population of 180,000 young people. Through networking and intersectorial support, with funding limited to co-ordinating and evaluating their activities, northern sydney health and education professionals have re-orientated their work practices to develop and implement the ACE program in high schools. ACE is a tragetted program, offered only to those students most likely to benefit from joining in. Fifty local mental health and education professionals have participated in the ACE training program. Since 1998, 1699 14 - 16 yearolds in 16 schools (from those sub-areas with the highest population of young people) have undertaken ACE screening for coping skills and negative mood. Of these, 350 students have participated in the intervention groups.

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