All in the Mind

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Authors: ABC Radio National (and freelance) JOURNALISTS: Natasha Mitchell

Year: 2004

Event: 2004 TheMHS Awards


Type of resource: TheMHS Awards

Award state: NSW

Award level: Winner

Award category: Broadcast

Abstract: All in the Mind is a weekly radio program which is broadcast nationally in Australia, as well as in Asia and Canada via the ABC’s Radio Australia network. The program explores the mind, brain and human behaviour in interdisciplinary ways. Natasha Mitchell initiated the program because of a personal commitment to open, critical and candid discussion about mental health matters and personal stories around mental health and wellbeing. The following 5 programs are a representative body of work aired on ABC Radio National’s All in the Mind program (broadcast nationally in Australia, as well as in Asia and Canada via the ABC’s Radio Australia network.) 1. Aotearoa Minds: Maoris Taking on Mental Health (May 2004). This program is the first of a two part series focussing on Maori lead innovations in mental health in New Zealand, in response to critical needs amongst Maori people. 2. Cognitive Behavoural Therapy: Good for Everyone? (2003). CBT is discussed widely as the therapy for which there is the most clinical evidence for its efficacy. This feature looks more deeply at debate around the limitations of the therapy in some contexts – a debate that has had very little coverage in the media. 3. Bipolar Disorder: Treating the Rollercoaster (2004). This program explores, in part, the legacy of Lithium as a treatment for Bipolar disorder the revival of research into the critical role that psychotherapy can play in bipolar affective disorder. 4. The Antidepressants Debate: Depressed Bothered or Bewildered? – Parts 1 and 2 (October 2003) The debate was held publicly in Perth at Murdoch University between Dr David Healy, author of the controversial titles The Antidepressant Era and Let them Eat Prozac: and Professor Ian Hickie of beyondblue, and the Brain and Mind Institute. Grace Groom of the Mental Health Council of Australia and two people with their own experiences of antidepressants also participated – as of course did a public audience. Natasha Mitchell is a science and health broadcaster with the ABC’s Radio National.

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