Book of Proceedings: An Innovative Funding Model Of Individual Capacity Building (ICB) Trialed In Inner West Sydney Partners In Recovery (IWSPIR): Proposition Of A Funding Complement To NDIS Funding.

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Authors: Kate Ball and Sean Fitzgerald, NSW

Year: 2017

Event: 2017 TheMHS Conference


Type of resource: Conference Presentations and Papers

Abstract: Inner West Sydney Partners in Recovery (IWSPIR) from 2016 implemented an innovative Individual Capacity Building (ICB) Funding system for individuals accessing the PIR service. These individuals who are assessed by IWSPIR service have opportunity to access ICB Funding to support psychosocial disability. ICB funding was set up to address the gap in service provision at a time when many specialist services were closing down due to transition to the NDIS and the consequent loss of funding. As two speakers involved in the process from the perspective of a recipient of ICB funding, and a Support Facilitator for PIR, the process contrasts previous access to services in several ways, and is a proposed model for a potential funding approach for those who will not be eligible for NDIS packages and who are in danger of falling through the gaps. Although the ICB Funding was designed to support psychosocial disability, the process is potentially empowering for people by focusing on recovery goals and dreams through a system of person-led choice of services. These services are individualised and specialised to those stated goals, and potentially more responsive and directly accessed. In light of the precarious nature of ongoing, long-term funding for the continuity of supports outside the NDIS, a call was made from TheMHS audience for a service similar to PIR to facilitate an ICB-type model of funding. This would be for the long-term security of the 90% who will not be eligible for NDIS and therefore vulnerable to abandoning their recovery goals.

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