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Authors: depressioNet

Year: 2004

Event: 2004 TheMHS Awards


Type of resource: TheMHS Awards

Award state: VIC

Award level: Finalist

Award category: Consumer-Run Program or Service

Abstract: depressioNet is a charitable organisation which provides information, help and 24 hour peer based support created by and for ‘people like us’ – Australians from a variety of backgrounds who live with depression and related conditions. depressioNet is more than an internet site. Our comprehensive information resource compliments our resource/referral and online communications services. depressioNet helps people living with depression and related conditions to local health care professionals and a range of relevant services in their local area. depressioNet’s peer to peer support services allow people with depression to provide encouragement, support and understanding to each other via online communication forums. These award winning forums (messageboard and chat facilities) allow people to understand they are not alone in their experience of depression and that with appropriate professional treatment they can be depression free or manage their symptoms and live fulfilling lives. It enables people to overcome the challenges of isolation, either due to stigma, geography or disability and reach out for the help and treatment they need. Description of Facility/Organisation: depressioNet was established as a private philanthropic organisation in June 2000. With the assistance of Freehills, a new independent, non-profit organisation with DGR and ITEC status was established in June 2002 and with an inaugural board, this organisation officially took control of, and responsibility for, the Internet site and service on 1st July2003. The Board members are: Ms Sarah Cornally Chair, Principal of Sarah Cornally; Ms Leanne Pethick, Director/CEO (Founder of depressioNet); Mr Neil Cole Lawyer, Playwright; Leonard Pethick, Secretary; Dr Rob Moodie CEO, Vic Health; Ms Barbara Wilby, Marketing Executive. Type: Charitable, people focused organisation. Area Served: Australia and New Zealand. Budget: DepressioNet operates to an annual budget of approximately $300,000. Staff Numbers: DepressioNet has 3 full time permanent staff and 20 to 25 volunteers. Funding Sources: Partnerships ($160k), Government Grants ($45k), Donations ( $20k), Project Specific Philanthropic Grants ($65k). Number of active clients: Approx 15,000 visitors each week.

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