Developing Ethnic Mental Health Services: A Community Development Approach

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Authors: Angela Gallipoli - North East Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NEAMI) Inc

Year: 1994

Event: 1994 TheMHS Conference

Subject: book of proceedings, NESB nonenglish speaking background, ethnic mental health services

Type of resource: Conference Presentations and Papers

ISBN: 0646251104

Abstract: The North East Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NEAMI) Inc. is a relatively small community managed organisation based in Preston Victoria, providing disability support services to people with a psychiatric disability living in the North Eastern Sector of the Melbourne Metropolitan Region. Over the past two year NEAMI has endeavoured to work closely with local community mental health clinics, psychiatric inpatient facilities, other community managed organisations, consumers and carers in order to develop services that are appropriate and effective people from a non-English speaking background. The paper will provide an overview of the process whereby, within the small space of two year, through the use of community development principles, a series of interconnected initiatives, structures and programs have been developed, collectively aimed at increasing the cultural relevance and accessibility of mental health services for people of non-English speaking background.

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