Book of Proceedings: Did you know? – How to live well with Dissociative Disorders

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Authors: Judith Drake and Sue Nunn, VIC

Year: 2015

Event: 2015 TheMHS Conference

Subject: 2015 Conference Book of Proceedings, DID or Dissociative Identity Disorder, childhood trauma

Type of resource: Conference Presentations and Papers

Abstract: Dissociation is a very common human experience that most of us will experience at some point during our lives. However, for individuals who experience severe and/or ongoing childhood trauma, dissociation can become an ingenious, if somewhat limited, coping strategy, that if not recognised and managed, can develop into potentially severe mental health conditions (including DID or Dissociative Identity Disorder) later in life. There is currently increasing awareness in our community of the high prevalence of childhood trauma (you just have to look at the inquiries and Royal Commissions being held or planned), yet the mental health sector has been very slow to recognise the prevalence and diagnosis of dissociative conditions. This paper will help you to better understand this experience, and provide some suggestions about how to best assist those who dissociate.

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