Early Psychosis Prevention & Intervention Centre (EPPIC)

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Authors: Western Region Psychiatric Services, Department of Health and Community Services Victoria

Year: 1994

Event: 1994 TheMHS Awards

Subject: Gold Award, early intervention, psychosis, youth, VIC, Melbourne, 1994

Type of resource: TheMHS Awards

Award state: VIC

Award level: Gold Award

Award category: Specialist Service

Abstract: EPPIC is a specialist regional service for young people with early psychosis, developed as a preventatively-oriented response to reduce levels of disability among a highly vulnerable group of patients and families. It is fully integrated and comprehensive with a rang of general and specialist interventions. New expertise has been developed within the program which also functions as a clinical base for evolving and evaluation urgently needed therapeutic advances. While the service has been operating for only 2 years, highly significant improvements in outcome have already been demonstrated within a setting where much lower levels of medication are used and conversely less restrictive methods are possible. The model has been influential locally, nationally and internationally and has the potential to contribute to widespread improvements in the care and outcomes for young people with psychotic disorders.

Description of Facility:
EPPIC is a specialist regional psychiatric service for young people (16-30) with an emerging psychotic illness. The emphasis is on early intervention and intensive biopsychosocial intervention in the critical period (up to 2 years) following the onset of treatment. The catchment are is approximately 800,000 and covers the inner city and the Western suburbs of Melbourne, and area of significant socioeconomic disadvantage.

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