Engaging parents Bringing into focus the ‘invisible parent and child’

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Authors: Angela Obradovic , Derek McCormack, Myfanwy McDonald, Rachel Lovelock, Elly Robinson

Year: 2018

Event: 2018 TheMHS Conference

Subject: Engaging parents Bringing into focus the ‘invisible parent and child’

Type of resource: Conference Presentations and Papers

Abstract: When a parent experiences mental health challenges, apart from affecting confidence in their parenting role, it can increase the likelihood of their children experiencing poorer developmental, mental health and physical health outcomes. Engaging with adults about their parenting role is a vital part of adult services supporting personal and clinical consumer recovery. This allows practitioners to obtain a holistic picture of what is happening in the life of the adult and the dynamic role of family responsibilities in their recovery, while also bringing into view the child, who may become invisible if not brought into focus. The Emerging Minds National Workforce Centre for Child Mental Health have developed two eLearning courses which will assist practitioners to be curious about the parent/child relationship from a strengths framework, to open discussion about current challenges and provide opportunities to promote relational recovery. A national and international evidence base is emerging regarding approaches that adult practitioners can adopt to integrate the parenting role as a routine focus of their practice. These approaches have been demonstrated to enhance parenting, reduce the likelihood of children experiencing difficulties, enhance recovery outcomes for adult clients and significantly improve therapeutic alliance. They also form vital preventative responses that can identify vulnerabilities for children before the development of issues. Partnering with parents, using a non-judgmental, curious approach has been proven to reduce the reluctance of parent consumers to share their hopes regarding their relationships with their children - a major barrier to seeking support and help. This workshop will include a presentation about the development of two eLearning courses - Engaging Parents and the Building Blocks of Children's Emotional and Social Wellbeing - launched in mid-2018 featuring videoed interviews with practitioners, parents and young people. Video material will be featured highlighting the voices, reflections and expertise of: 1. practitioners regarding promising practice, challenges and the areas for development in collaborating with parents 2. parents who have lived experience of mental ill health or distress and have contributed to these courses A panel of speakers will discuss their participation in the development and uses of these resources across professional, peer and community practice settings. This will be followed by an interactive audience discussion regarding prevention and early intervention knowledge and its importance in responding to the challenges of intergenerational aspects of adversity and trauma.

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