It Takes A Village To Raise A Queer “Queer Mental Health – In Whose Hands”

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Authors: Karen Field and Reima Pryor, VIC

Year: 2011

Event: 2011 TheMHS Conference

Subject: SOCIAL INCLUSION, Queer /GLBTIQ community

Type of resource: Conference Presentations and Papers

ISBN: 9780975765371

Abstract: There is evidence both in Australia and overseas indicating higher prevalence rates of mental health issues within the GLBTI/Queer community as compared to the hetero-sexual community (Corboz et al., 2008; Hillier et al., 2010). This presentation will outline the limited research available, and drummond street’s analysis of its Queer service user data within mainstream Family Relationship and Family Mental Health Support Services. This analysis highlights specific challenges for a public health approach to addressing mental health for our Queer community. Over the last decade drummond street has been at the forefront of policy reform and advocacy, service development and service system capacity-building in relation to better responding to the needs of the Queer /GLBTIQ community. At times we have been in the unenviable position of being at odds with government policy makers, government bureaucrats, mainstream services, the general community and even at times, sections of the Queer community - so how and why does this happen and what are its implication for the service system.

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