Book of Proceedings: Let’s Have A Chat! – A Consumer Led Initiative On The Gold Coast

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Authors: Janelle Reeves and Samantha Hall, QLD

Year: 2015

Event: 2015 TheMHS Conference

Subject: 2015 Conference Book of Proceedings, Gold Coast Primary Health Network, lived experience

Type of resource: Conference Presentations and Papers

Abstract: As consumers and carers, Janelle and Samantha strive to utilise their life experiences to increase understanding and awareness of mental health issues, thereby reducing stigma in their local community. After developing an idea and project plan proposal about information sessions that they wanted to host across the Gold Coast, they presented their proposal to Gold Coast Primary Health Network, previously known as Gold Coast Medicare Local and Partners in Recovery Gold Coast to assess the viability of their idea being manifested into an actual project. The beauty of this project is that Janelle and Samantha, as people with lived experience, are able to address issues/concerns that include but are not limited to substance abuse, homelessness, coping strategies and effective communication skills. By sharing their stories and information, it is hoped that those who attend these information sessions have the opportunity to hear the challenges that are faced and overcome by them in their ongoing recovery journeys.

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