Book of Proceedings: Mental Health Nursing In General Practice: A New Paradigm

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Authors: Meni Stefanovski, VIC

Year: 2012

Event: 2012 TheMHS Conference

Subject: CONSUMERS, SERVICE-USER, General Practice inititiatives

Type of resource: Conference Presentations and Papers

ISBN: 978-0-9757653-8-8


The Mental Health Nurse Incentive Program (MHNIP) was introduced in July 2008 as part of the COAG National Plan on Mental Health 2006-2011. The Program was set up to provide an alternative model of mental health care for people with serious mental illness, and significant impairment in their daily functioning. The Medical Practice at Banyule Community Health (BCH) received funding to employ 3 mental health nurses to assist GP's in the provision of co-ordinated clinical care.BCH is currently undertaking an evaluation of their Mental Health Nurse model to establish whether placing Mental Health Nurses in a General Practice within a Community Health Centre has in fact engaged with citizenship to increase patient access to mainstream primary medical care and reduce stigma in seeking treatment. Nurses use engagement and participatory citizenship as a framework to encourage and support people with mental health illness to actively participate in their own care via a co-ordinated care plan with a holistic focus on physical, social, emotional and psychological well-being. It further provides opportunities for people to regain control of their lives, reconnect with their community and pursue their individual aspirations. The evaluation outcomes and the capacity of this approach to support consumer engagement with citizenship will be discussed.

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