Neami National Session Recording S093: “The Neami Health Prompt tool: “A good reminder of things I need to see the doctor about””

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Authors: Kerry Stringer, Rebecca Meldrum, neami national recordings neami recordings

Year: 2015

Event: 2015 TheMHS Conference

Subject: Community Health

Type of resource: Audio

Abstract: The Neami Health Prompt is a physical health screening resource developed by Neami in response to the physical health needs of individuals accessing Neami services. The resource was developed with the primary purpose of supporting health conversations between staff and consumers. The Health Prompt is a resource comprising 28 questions which generate a "yes" or "no" answer. Questions cover a range of areas relating to holistic health care and have been designed to meet nationally recognised standards and consumer needs. The Health Prompt is offered to all consumers at six monthly intervals. In 2014 following 18 months of implementation a formal evaluation was undertaken. This presentation will focus on qualitative data derived from focus groups conducted with consumers across Australia inclusive of consumer perspectives of health conversations, health literacy, physical health improvements, relationships with General Practitioners and workers and barriers impacting on lifestyle changes.

"I talked about whatever was on here (the Health Prompt) and I saw a dietician, I saw the dentist, I got my eyes checked, stopped smoking" (Consumer)

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