No Place to Call Home – Developing a Model to End Tent Cities

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By February 25, 2020 No Comments

Authors: Jenny Ranft, Clyde Eriksson

Year: 2020

Event: 2020 Summer Forum

Subject: homelessness, housing,

Type of resource: Summer Forum Presentations & Papers

Abstract: Tent encampments are a growing trend as people who are homeless strive to create a private space in which to live and connect with others facing homelessness. But it’s no place to call home. Tent encampments are unsafe places with high rates of assault, deteriorating health and high mortality rates. It has become critical for communities to develop responses that:

  • house people with the support to sustain their home and
  • return public spaces to the community

  • Through two projects in Western Sydney we are learning about what works in housing people from tent encampments and returning those sites to the community. A model is emerging for a ‘whole of community’ response to this particular and complex form of homelessness. Integrating responses across Mental Health, Homelessness and Housing services is critical to success.

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