Psychiatric Assessment and Rehabilitation Unit

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Authors: Royal Brisbane Hospital

Year: 1994

Event: 1994 TheMHS Awards

Subject: 1994, Silver Award Winner, psychoeducational rehabilitation program, outpatient unit, psychiatry

Type of resource: TheMHS Awards

Award state: QLD

Award level: Silver Award

Award category: Innovative Part of a Comprehensive Service

Abstract: The Psychiatric Assessment and Rehabilitation Unit provides psychoeducational rehabilitation for people with severe psychiatric disorder. Initially clients are assessed on their psychiatric symptoms, coping skills, problems and quality of life. Clients then negotiate their goals, and undertake various combinations of six courses we offer. Each course provides information, support and skills in training to assist clients manage their illness, cope with problems, relate to others, and use their time in ways they find meaningful. Courses are supplemented by individual case management. Our goal is to empower clients to assert great control over their lives, and to reduce dependence upon health services.

About the Facility:
Outpatient unit on the Rosemount campus providing psycho-educational rehabilitation to patients with severe psychiatric disorder living in the Brisbane North Region. The unit has two group rooms, 2 interview rooms, a reception area and 3 staff offices.

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