Recommended Reading: The ‘Ace’ Program (Adolescents Coping With Emotions)

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Authors: Nick Kowalenko, John Rapee, Julie Simons, Roger Stonehouse, Ann Wignall

Year: 2000

Event: 2000 TheMHS Conference

Subject: depression, youth, book of proceedings

Type of resource: Conference Presentations and Papers

ISBN: 187693901X

Abstract: ACE aims to build resilience, enhance coping skills & teach positive thinking styles in young people. It's an indicated depression prevention program. It's designed for adolescents with mild symptoms of depression: those who will gain most from joining in the program.

An innovative aspect of the program is the implementation in schools, in small groups of 6-10 students, with co-leaders from education (school counsellors) and community adolescent mental health services. The ACE program is fostering partnerships at all stages of development and implementation, through a consortium enabling collaboration between health, education and research.

Through networking and intersectoral support, with funding limited to co-ordinating and evaluating their activities, NSW health and education professionals have re-oriented their work practices to develop and implement the ACE program in schools.

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