Responding To Trauma From Forced Migration And Resettlement: Rethinking Perspectives On Sudanese Refugees

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Authors: Jay Marlowe, NEW ZEALAND

Year: 2009

Event: 2009 TheMHS Conference

Subject: Innovation in prevention and intervention for refugee groups., AUSTRALASIAN REFUGEE HEATLH CONFERENCE,REFUGEE,TRANSCULTURAL

Type of resource: Conference Presentations and Papers

ISBN: 9780975765357

Abstract: Often the extra-ordinary stories of refugee lives are well known to embassies, immigration officials and other support agencies. The associated experiences that account for protracted conflicts speak of atrocities and trauma almost beyond the level of imagination with accounts of forced marches, dislocation, death and despair. There is inherent value in knowing such experiences; after all, illuminating the stories of oppression can elevate such concerns to the eyes of the world stage. However, a less explored path has been that of understanding how those claiming refugee status have responded to such traumatic events. This paper presents a qualitative research project that distinguishes the effects of trauma from a person’s response to it by exploring what has helped Sudanese men find hope, healing and resilience in both resettlement and forced migration contexts.

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