S05: Featured Symposium: Trauma-Informed Care & Practice: Organisational Change and Implementation

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Authors: Kathleen Guarino, Corinne Henderson, Joanne DeChief, Cathy Kezelman, Indigo Daya

Year: 2017

Event: 2017 TheMHS Conference


Type of resource: Conference Presentations and Papers

Abstract: The process of becoming trauma-informed is an evolutionary journey. The process is unique to every organisation and needs to be tailored accordingly. Nevertheless, there is a universal aim which is to establish a cultural shift that embeds principles and practice that must ultimately become second nature to all staff in an organisation. The principal objective is to establish a culture that will foster best practice, and nurture flexibility and innovation in order to promote sustainability. Such a process will enable organisations to remain receptive to the change and innovation needed to promote capacity building.

This symposium looks at the way in which a number of organisations have progressed towards developing a comprehensive approach to organisational change. Presenters working in very different contexts talk about how they have developed or implemented strategies designed to modify organisational culture. They will reflect on what their service or program considers important, and what particularly warrants attention, how it understands the people it supports and the people who support them, and how it puts these understandings into daily practice. In short, culture expresses core values and extends well beyond the introduction of new services or the training of a particular group of staff members; it is pervasive, including all aspects of an agency’s functioning. The symposium could also include researchers reviewing the progress of research into practice across some very different service settings.

Speaker 1: Kathleen Guarino: "Becoming Trauma-Informed: Moving From Awareness to Action"
Speaker 2: Corinne Henderson: "TICPOT: Introducing an organisation that made it happen"
Speaker 3: Joanne DeChief: "A Trauma Informed Journey: From Audit to Implementation at Anglicare WA"
Speaker 4: Cathy Kezelman: "Applying trauma-informed practice to legal and judicial contexts"
Speaker 5: Indigo Daya: "Trauma-Informed Advocacy: Thinking beyond treatment and support"

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