S40: Kindness, Compassion and Clinical Supervision

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Authors: Kate Thwaites

Year: 2019

Event: 2019 TheMHS Conference

Subject: Kindness, Compassion and Clinical Supervision

Type of resource: Conference Presentations and Papers



Kate Thwaites is a mental health nurse working as the Principal Clinical Advisor in the Victorian Office of the Chief Mental Health Nurse. Kate's professional vision is a health care system which provides evidence based care, nurtures, values and develops clinical staff to provide kind compassionate care. What does reflection and kindness mean to you? What does it have to do with clinical supervision? Is it helpful if we can we think about one of these actions or feelings influencing the other.

This presentation is about my journey as a nurse and supervisor and the reflections I have come to about clinical supervision across a number of settings.

The clinical supervision I am involved with is in its essence a reflective practice for the person to be guided to enhanced understanding of their response to and from themselves in their work role, it does not involve managers or clinical practice mentoring or direction setting. Rather, my call is that relationship building that is at the essence of the effectiveness of the supervision.

How we provide clinical supervision in a safe space of reflection and kindness makes an impact.

Our reflections and the way we do the work we do improves our understanding of how we do what we do, but of course, an increased understanding of ourselves, our self-care and kindness to self and enhances our responses to others.

Learning Objectives
Learning objective 1: The audience will learn that kindness and compassion through provision of clinical supervision can be promoted as an identified goal and skill in providing clinical supervision and supporting recovery journeys with consumers, families and colleagues.
Learning Objective 2: The intention of supporting hope and resilience through kind compassionate clinical supervision in the workforce is relevant to mental health services and mental health issues.

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