S48: FEATURED SYMPOSIUM: Innovations in Community Services

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Authors: Ed Heffernan

Year: 2019

Event: 2019 TheMHS Conference

Subject: FEATURED SYMPOSIUM: Innovations in Community Services

Type of resource: Conference Presentations and Papers

Abstract: Ed Heffernan is the Director of the Queensland Forensic Mental Health Service and an Associate Professor with the School of Medicine, University of Queensland. He has been working as a psychiatrist for over two decades across the criminal justice system with people suffering mental health problems. In this symposium he is talking about two service innovations, the first related to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in custody and the second related to 000 mental health crisis calls to first responders.
The Queensland Forensic Mental Health Service (FMHS) provides care, assessment and treatment to individuals with mental health problems who come into contact, or at risk of coming into contact with, the criminal justice system. FMHS’s are delivered across a variety of settings throughout Queensland including prisons, courts, watch houses, hospitals and the community. The five major clinical programmes include: Court Liaison Services, Prison Mental Health Services, The High Security Inpatient Services, Community Forensic Outreach Services and Mental Health Liaison Services with Police and Ambulance. The FMHS also works collaboratively with the Queensland Centre for Mental Health Research to undertake nationally leading FMHS research.

Mental Health Crisis: Achieving communication and collaboration in real time; Presented by Ed Heffernan

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