S55: FEATURED SYMPOSIUM: Mental Health Commissions

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Authors: Vivienne Miller, Elizabeth Jean Moore, Catherine Lourey, Treasure Jennings, Jennifer McGrath, Karen Orsborn, John Mannion, Ngiare Brown

Year: 2022

Event: 2022 TheMHS Conference

Subject: government, commissions, new zealand

Type of resource: Conference Presentations and Papers

Abstract: FEATURED SYMPOSIUM: Building Integration into Mental Health and Wellbeing Services in Complex Times

For the past few years our community and our health system has been buffeted along through rough, deep waters - at times fast flowing, at times promisingly calm; at times strewn with boulders and at times gratefully smooth pebbles. The mental health of people in our communities has been affected over a long period of time by isolation, ill-health, fear, and stress. Mental health services have responded, but have been stretched to their limits. This Mental Health Commissions session will focus on building and strengthening bridges at the intersections between mental and physical health and other human services. How have mental health services in Australia and New Zealand been remodelled, redesigned, realigned and re-planned for the future? How have our service systems responded to the added workload? What plans are there for provision and education of the mental health workforce? How will this contribute to improved mental health for all citizens? All the mental health commissions around Australia and New Zealand will be taking part in this featured symposium. Each commission will speak briefly to the topic, followed by ample time for questions to the panel from the audience.

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