S67: Development of the YES PHN Survey

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Authors: Cheryl Reed, Tim Coombs, Rosemary Dickson

Year: 2019

Event: 2019 TheMHS Conference

Subject: Development of the YES PHN Survey

Type of resource: Conference Presentations and Papers



Cheryl Reed is a program evaluator and social researcher who has been working in co-design and the measurement of healthcare consumer experience for over two decades. She has been the lead researcher on the Your Experience of Service (YES) project since its inception in 2011.

Consumer satisfaction with mental health services has long been recognised as important in the monitoring and evaluation of services as well as in driving quality improvement (Al-Abri & Al-Balushi, 2014; Callander et al., 2010; Donabedian, 1997; Woodward, Berry, & Bucci, 2017).

There has been strong interest from Australian governments in the development of standardised, national measures of mental health consumer experience of care which could support quality improvement, service evaluation and benchmarking between services. Responding to this need for information, over the last eight years a number of measures of consumer and carer experience have been co-design for use in public and community managed mental health services. Called the Your Experience of Service (YES) surveys, this suite of measures includes items structured around four content categories (Experience, Outcomes, Open Ended and Demographics). These surveys have been implemented or trialled in most states and territories.

This paper will report on the latest survey developed in the suite for Primary Health Networks – The YES PHN Survey.
Learning Objectives
Learning Objective 1: The audience will learn of the development and properties of the YES PHN survey.
Learning Objective 2: The YES PHN survey can be used across a range of primary health program types and service settings.

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