Schizophrenia Fellowship Education Group

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Authors: Schizophrenia Fellowship of South Australia

Year: 1998

Event: 1998 TheMHS Awards


Type of resource: TheMHS Awards

Award state: SA

Award level: Silver

Award category: Consumer Involvement

Abstract: The Schizophrenia Fellowship Education Group has undertaken a wide range of different educational acitivites including: speaking to over 470 groups and 12,000 people about mental illness; setting up displays; using the print media, radio and television to pass on information and experiencesl participating in the training of police and ambulance officers; developing information packages and brochures and producing them in different languages; writing a book, running workshops and making a video entitled "Living Well with Schizophrenia" for people with schizophrenia and carers; developing a grant proposal to employ "Peer Specialists" within the mental health service; writing a very very easy recipe book for those who have difficulty cooking. These activities have had a powerful impact across the community. In addition, involvement in the group has been personally rewarding, empowering, a useful learning process and has provided some paid work opportunities for consumers. Description of Facility/Organisation: The Schizophrenia Fellowship of SA is a non-government organisation which has established in 1983 to promote community awareness about schizophrenia and support people with the illness and their carers. The Fellowship is funded by the State Government and through membership and donation. It provides a service throughout South Australia.

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