Session Resources S067: “Clinical Governance in a Recovery Oriented Service”

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By September 15, 2015 No Comments

Authors: Adam Zimmermann

Year: 2015

Event: 2015 TheMHS Conference

Subject: Governance, Language, Accommodation , neami national

Type of resource: Conference Presentations and Papers

Abstract: Neami National is a non-government mental health organisation which provides a range of services nationally characterised by the provision of the Collaborative Recovery Model. The development and management of a clinical governance framework within a non-government mental health organisation is not common and sets a new precedent for consideration within the sector. While Neami only currently delivers a limited range and volume of clinical services, the implementation of a clinical governance framework ensures the organisation safeguards high standards of health care, continuously improves the quality of services and delivers clinical services in alignment with organisation values. Partnering with clinical agencies, directly providing clinical services to consumers and employing staff in clinical roles is now a reality for Neami National and it is anticipated will feature strongly in the future growth of the organisation.

The activities encompassed by clinical governance are not new. The challenge for Neami is to remain true to recovery oriented service provision whilst delivering perceived traditional clinical mental health services. Neami?s clinical governance framework is therefore being developed in close alignment with our existing values and strategic direction and in direct consultation with key clinical partner agencies. The process of implementation will involve a whole of organisation approach to training, development and leadership within management, clinical effectiveness and risk management. In addition to focusing on risk and clinical effectiveness, Neami?s clinical governance systems will also place a high emphasis on leadership, culture and the consumer experience. A focus on such areas will enable the organisation to continue supporting high quality service delivery and consumer outcomes.

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