The Kokiri Ka Taea (Go Forth and Achieve) Program

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Authors: Te Korowai Aroha

Year: 2005

Event: 2005 TheMHS Awards


Type of resource: TheMHS Awards

Award state: NZ

Award level: Finalist

Award category: Recovery Program or Service

Abstract: The Kokiri Ka Taea (Maori Translation: Go Forth and Achieve) Program was implemented as part of a Te Korowai Aroha initiative to maximise recovery and community integration for people who have had an experience of mental illness through the collective experience of group work. The Korkiri Ka Taea program offers a group program operating from existing venues in the community. The central tenet of the Kokiri Ka Taea program is empowerment at both the individual and group level. This is achieved by encouraging and supporting active participation in the group process. The group work approach is structured such that group members identify and define responsibilities required to maintain functioning of the group and nominate members to fulfil these roles. The group facilitators' role is to actively include group members and gradually withdraw themselves from the decision-making processes and responsibilities of the group. Both individuals and groups have benefited from this way of working. Description of Facility/Organisation: Te Korowai Aroha is a New Zealand non-profit organisation dedicated to improving the mental wellness of individuals within their communities; (a community based non-governmental mental health organisation). In Maori culture, 'te korowai aroha' represents a shelter or refuge, place to rest, revive, grow strong and resotre to good health. In the Christian context, the term describes the mantle of God's grace providing the unconditional love and hospitality which affirms the person, restores positive hope and aids recovery. Te Korowai Aroha is a division of Baptist Action Trust. It has served the Auckland region for over 30 years. Te Korowai Aroha operates from a 'strengths' perspective, using Charles Rapp's Strengths Model. Te Korowai Aroha has a budget of 5.5 million. Funding sources include government contract, health, welfare, education and philanthropic trusts. Te Korowai Aroha has 93 full time equivalent (FTE) staff and close to 400 active clients.

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