The Power Of Peers

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Authors: Maxie Ashton, Agravaine MacLachlan, Steven Pitcher, Mark Weston, Chris Bock, Paul Nestor, Sarah Burden, SA

Year: 1999

Event: 1999 TheMHS Conference

Subject: Peer work, book of proceedings

Type of resource: Conference Presentations and Papers

ISBN: 0949203750

Abstract: Mental illness can come as a terrifying, devastating shock - the loss of self esteem, the loss of direction, the shame and the not knowing what to do to keep well. The process of recovery can take so long and feel so lonely and hopeless. The right medication, treatment and support is important but we believe one's belief in oneself, one's confidence, knowledge and skills are really the most important. We believe that peers, people who have been through similar experiences and have found their feet can make a very significant contribution to this part of the process.

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