Wellington Speakers Bureau

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Authors: Case Consulting Ltd.

Year: 2005

Event: 2005 TheMHS Awards


Type of resource: TheMHS Awards

Award state: NZ

Award level: Winner

Award category: Consumer-Run Program or Service

Abstract: The co-ordination of the Wellington Speakers Bureau is facilitated through a ten hour per week position that is funded at $15,000 per annum by Regional Public Health, Hutt Valley District Health Board who have the Wellington regional mainstream contract for Like Minds, Like Mine project to counter stigma and discrimination. The co-ordinator works through a consumer consultancy organisation known as Case Consulting Ltd. Any charges passed on to recipients of Speakers Bureau services serve to cover solely the fees that are paid to the people that are delivering the workshops. Currently, the Wellington Speakers Bureau has fifteen working members. The Bureau undertakes work at national, regional and local level. Description of Facility/Organisation: Wellington Speakers Bureau of New Zealand has made a significant contribution to the field of mental health at a national, regional and local level. The purpose of the Bureau is to contribute to the Like Minds, Like Mine campaign to counter stigma and discrimination associated with mental illness by training and supporting people with experience of mental illness to deliver educational workshops based on their experiential perspectives. The unique workshops of the Bureau serve to facilitate ‘contact’ of a nature which encompasses all the conditions that have been identified to be most effective in countering stigma and discrimination. In addition, the Bureau has made a significant contribution to consumer workforce development. Wellington Speakers Bureau is providing many consumers with the opportunity and support to expand their own horizons (as they work to expand those of our community).

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