Everything you need
to know to enrich your
Virtual Conference

Though virtual conferences raise challenges for organisers, attendees and speakers, they also have undeniable benefits. By using technology and innovative resources, virtual conferences deliver an immersive and engaging experience, offering the same learning, knowledge sharing and networking opportunities as a traditional face-to-face encounters.

To get the most out of the TheMHS Virtual Conference this year, let’s start with some general tips that will help you enrich your experience:

Block out your calendar

The truth is multitasking isn’t that productive. Focus on making the best use of your time by being truly present. Be sure to silence your phone and set your work email to “out of office”. Give yourself time to fully participate and engage in the learning process.

Choose your sessions in advance

With full access to all activities, workshops, symposia, panels and more, be sure to review the interactive online program or detailed program within our Conference Handbook for details on what’s on offer at any given time during the Conference. We suggest printing the Conference Handbook if you can to give yourself a break from viewing everything on a screen.

Familiarise yourself with the platform and its multiple possibilities

TheMHS Virtual Conference will be hosted on the OnAir platform; a live, virtual event and all-in-one networking space with broadcast capabilities where you will be able to network with your peers, earn points and win prizes, take some time out to relax with the Wellbeing sessions and participate in the Conference presentations.

To access the Conference platform, you will need to click on the personalised link in your Final Delegate Email, or go to this website and enter your email address and PIN (please use the address that your Final Delegate Email was sent to, and the PIN within that email).

Network and get social

Expand your network by catching up with old and new friends via the Meeting Hub. Remember to turn your camera on so that everyone can see your face and make meaningful connections with your peers!

Find some ‘Me-time’

Make sure you take some breaks during the day to stretch and have a rest away from the screen. Get up, walk around, grab a nice beverage, and get some brain-boosting treats to keep yourself alert.

Be respectful

Be kind and considerate towards each other, show empathy and help make all our events a safe, respectful and an equal place for sharing, listening and learning.

Be an active participant

Plan to participate beyond listening. Take notes. Ask questions during the live sessions, reach out to other delegates and presenters via the live chat function on the platform and get involved beyond the screen by using the conference hashtag (#TheMHSConference2022).

Follow up and stay connected

Make some connections with our speakers, colleagues and peers! Once the Conference is over, send an email or message on LinkedIn to the people you want to stay connected to, and let them know why you enjoyed their session, chat or activity and what you learned from it. This is also an opportunity to ask follow-up questions if you didn’t get a chance to during the live presentation, or if you’ve thought of something after the session ended.

Keep learning 

As part of your TheMHS Virtual Conference registration, you receive a FREE 12-month subscription to TheMHS Online Resource Library. 

Since TheMHS was founded in 1990, we’ve hosted annual TheMHS Conferences, Summer Forums and Award programs. Over this time we’ve accumulated one of the most comprehensive records of mental health services, programs and research in Australia and New Zealand, and we think it’s worth sharing!

Resources including presentation slides and recordings from this year’s Conference will be added to the Resource Library following the Conference. Be sure to check back regularly to see what’s new! Your login instructions will be sent to you via email. Use these details to access the Resource Library.


  • Please use Google Chrome as the browser to view and participate in TheMHS Conference sessions.
  • If links open in a different browser, please copy the link and paste it into Google Chrome. Safari is not recommended, and some other modern browsers may not work.
  • Are your headphones/headset connected?
  • Is your internet connection working correctly?
  • It’s recommended to join the Conference using a computer. If you are experiencing issues using a work computer, try a personal computer.
  • To test your equipment prior to the event, go to the following link: https://geartest.remo.co/
  • If you require any technical support during the event, please visit the “Help Desk” within any of the spaces on the conference platform and our friendly staff will be able to assist. Look out for Technical Support team members who are easily identified by looking for this icon:
    For further assistance, please email info@themhs.org