All in the Mind

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Authors: ABC Radio National Presenter/ Producer: Natasha Mitchell

Year: 2008

Event: 2008 TheMHS Awards


Type of resource: TheMHS Awards

Award state: VIC

Award level: Winner

Award category: Special Media Award

Abstract: ‘All in the Mind’ regularly brings personal narratives of mental health, wellbeing and illness together with scientific research – to empower and engage a wide audience, and promote critical discussion about the life of the mind in all its guises. Host, science journalist Natasha Mitchell, also presents regular public events on related themes. The programs included in this entry feature: a moving account of suicide – both neurobiological and narrative; an international human rights perspective on the rights of psychiatric patients; a timely engagement on working with indigenous clients; a rare glimpse into the lives of two couples navigating mental illness; a rigorous debate over the disease model of addiction; and an expansive account of psychological healing in South Africa with relevance to Australia. The program airs in Australia and internationally, via ABC Radio National and Radio Australia, and over 2 million pod casts are downloaded annually. The program’s popular website provides transcripts. Natasha Mitchell is a science and health journalist with ABC Radio National, where she hosts and produces the national weekly radio program, All in the Mind, which she established in 2002. Before joining the ABC in 1997, Natasha qualified as an engineer. She regularly hosts public forums and events across Australia, and pens features and reviews for various Australian newspapers and publications. In 2005-6, Natasha’s work was recognised with a Knight Science Journalism fellowship, for which she spent an academic year at MIT and Harvard. Anita Barraud is long-time producer and reporter with the ABC, currently working across two of ABC Radio National’s most popular weekly programs, All in the Mind and The Law Report.

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