Carer Forum Session 5: Collective Peak Pitch

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Year: 2023

Event: 2023 The MHS conference - Adelaide

Subject: Carer Forum Session 5: Collective Peak Pitch

Type of resource: Video

Abstract: Now we know that a National Family Carer Peak is landing soon, we want to hear from you about what you see as the role, work and priorities of the Peak. But how? Easy peasy, let’s do a pitch! An elevator pitch for the pollies and people with the purses and power. You know the drill, you find yourself in an elevator with a key decision maker, do you have them captured from one floor up or more? All you know is you have to get the pitch right and across the line before the elevator door opens. You can create a poster, a list, a diagram, a poem or song – whatever works in getting your messages across about what this Peak needs to do for families and carers, or what its priorities should be, or how it can include people like yourselves and why that is important. A perfect ending to the day for budding influencer folks and those willing to imitate a person with power and a purse. Warning: Spontaneous laughter could occur through the delivery of this activity

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