Keynote Recording: Boundary Violations Between Therapists and Patients

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Authors: Carolyn Quadrio

Year: 1998

Event: 1998 TheMHS Conference

Subject: Abuse in the mental health system.

Type of resource: Audio

Abstract: Carolyn Quadrio has assessed some 45 women who have been sexually exploited by their therapists. She has also assessed some 115 men and 19 women who were abused by members of the clergy, mostly during childhood. These case studies form the basis for a number of observations about abuse in fiduciary relationships more generally and therapy relationships in particular. The psychodynamics of the relationship, which culminates n abuse, will be presented, examining vulnerabilities in both patient and therapist. Finally, it is important to look beyond the limits of the consulting room and to understand the systematic issues which determine and which sustain this kind of abuse. Issues of sexism are important, as are the collusions, which operate amongst the powerful to protect offenders.

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