On therapies for self-injury (slides)

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Authors: Graham Martin & Nellie Worthington

Year: 2012

Event: 2012 TheMHS Summer Forum

Subject: 2012 Summer Forum, confronting self harm

Type of resource: Summer Forum Presentations & Papers

Abstract: Graham Martin is Director Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, The University of Queensland and Clinical Director RCH CYMHS. He is currently a National Advisor on Suicide Prevention to the Australian Government. He has been dedicated to suicide prevention since 1987, is a member of IASP (since 1997), and the International Association for Suicide Research. He is a board member for Mates in Construction Queensland (an industry leader in suicide prevention for building trades), and is Editor for the online journal Advances in Mental Health.

Nellie Worringham has an extensive lived experience of self-injury, and has been struggling with mental health issues since the age of 12. Her experiences of treatment, both in A&E, and within the mental health sector itself, have often proven to be more traumatizing than helpful. Nellie is passionate about educating professionals in the area of self-injury. She hopes that by sharing her experiences in a shockingly honest way, others who are experiencing similar issues will not have to endure the same traumatizing events that she has.

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