Out Doors Inc.

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Authors: Doing Things Program

Year: 1995

Event: 1995 TheMHS Awards


Type of resource: TheMHS Awards

Award state: VIC

Award level: Bronze

Award category: Non-Government Service

Abstract: Out Doors, through its programs which use outdoor adventure, education, community based recreation, experiential learning, art and cultural activities provide practical opportunities for people with serious mental illness to participate in the community. Out Doors assist people to develop a positive self image, increase social skills and gain new insight by participating in interesting challenging and socially valued activities. These individual and group interactions directly improve a person's motivation and capacity to live in the community. Often we do not rigorously evaluate what we have done because it seems too hard or too difficult. It is neither and we have tried to demystify the process through our Doing Things Program Evaluation. We simply asked 4 groups of people "What Difference Have We Made?" The answer to that question plus the demographic of the participants and the program data has given us a direction for the next phase. We submit this process used in our Doing Things Evaluation as an entry for the Achievement Awards. Description of Facility/Organisation: Out Doors Inc. (ODI) is a community managed mental health service. It employs 4 full-time staff and 2 part time service as well as sessional workers. It provides both a recreation program (Doing Things) servicing an inner urban area, as well as an experiential learning psychosocial rehabilitation program (Going Places) which is state-wide.

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