Session 1: Welcome to Country & “Setting the scene: Listening to personal experience.” (Audio)

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Authors: Jack Nagle

Year: 2016

Event: 2016 TheMHS Summer Forum

Subject: Cracks in the ice: Illicit drugs and the mental health impact on our communities. 2016 summer forum, methamphetamine, lived experience, personal experience, personal stories, personal story,

Type of resource: Audio

Abstract: After a warm welcome to country by Uncle Allen Madden Gadigal Elder, and a brief introduction to the 2016 TheMHS Summer Forum by TheMHS Deputy Chair Maree Teesson, Jack Nagle kicks off the Forum with the first of 20 presentations.

Jack Nagle talked candidly about his personal experience of addiction. He called for more support for families of people experiencing addiction, and highlighted the high degree of shame associated with mental ill-health and addiction. He discussed how it was shame that prevented him from seeking help earlier than he did.

About Jack:
After playing basketball at a high level and being an incredibly fit and healthy young man; addiction took over Jack's life, taking his health, integrity and spirit out from underneath him, robbing his parents of a son and his brother of a role model.

Because of these experiences, Jack is extremely passionate about using the destruction of his past as his greatest asset to give hope of freedom to people suffering with addiction. Educating the community with the sometimes, confronting but shattering reality of addiction.

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