Smoking Cessation: “What Works For Users Of Mental Health Services?”

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Authors: Basil Fernandes, NEW ZEALAND

Year: 2008

Event: 2008 TheMHS Conference

Subject: COMORBIDITY / DRUG & ALCOHOL ISSUES, Smoking Cessation

Type of resource: Conference Presentations and Papers

ISBN: 9780975765340

Abstract: The paper will explore a range of models of smoking reduction and cessation provision for users of mental health services. The NZ smoking cessation guidelines revised in 2007 provide a basis for provision of smoking cessation advice to users of mental health services. Having a section specifically on mental health and smoking within the guidelines is significant progress however the advice supplied is mostly based on evidence based research for smoking cessation in general. There appears to be a significant lack of New Zealand evidence based research that provides information for smoking cessation practitioners working with consumers who require assistance to reduce or quit. Various methods of reducing and quitting smoking exist for the general population and providers of smoking cessation services now ask the question of what works best for consumers. The paper will discuss a variety of interventions for reducing and quitting smoking as well as assessment tools to determine effective delivery of Nicotine replacement therapy. The paper creates an ideal opportunity to learn from hands-on smoking cessation practitioners elaborating on their experience of working with consumers by sharing consumer stories of successful smoking reduction and quitting. It will illustrate what strategies have worked best for the consumers and outline the resultant impact on health and social outcomes. The paper will discuss establishing ways to further research what works best for users of mental health services to reduce or quit smoking. It is an excellent opportunity to learn about smoking cessation methods for consumers first hand from experienced practitioners and to determine how to develop further enquiry into consumer focused smoking reduction and cessation.

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