The Myriad Experiences Of Multiplicity

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Authors: Diana East and Trish Cole

Year: 2001

Event: 2001 TheMHS Conference

Subject: book of proceedings, Healing And Recovery, Multiple Personality Disorder/Dissociative Identity Disorder (MPD/DID)

Type of resource: Conference Presentations and Papers

ISBN: 1876939079

Abstract: Multiple Personality Disorder/Dissociative Identity Disorder (MPD/DID) results from overwhelming, life-threatening trauma at an early, sensitive childhood age. A personal narrative is presented to exemplify the struggle to survive, cope with and heal from the devastating emotional effects of the abuse and the virtually total lack of understanding and acceptance of this disorder.

Myriad, a mutual support group for women with MPD/DID, has demonstrated that it can play a very effective role in promoting healing and recovery. The key to the group’s success is the quality of the relationships which develop in the group, not just the relationships between each member but with each of their parts/alters.

For Myriad members, the sharing of experiences and expertise, the gaining of hope and motivation and the development of more effective coping mechanisms, helps them become thrivers, rather than mere survivors.

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