Transitions Supported Employment

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Authors: AMHS

Year: 1997

Event: 1997 TheMHS Awards


Type of resource: TheMHS Awards

Award state: NZ

Award level: Silver

Award category: Rehabilitation Services

Abstract: Transitions Supported Employment provides a supported employment service which is both specific and responsive to the needs of people with a psychiatric illness in the areas of training/education, job search, development, placement and retention. It is a service whose values base emphasises the social importance of work (and education) settings in our culture, as a means of establishing oneself as an individual, and as a means of building social networks with other community members. Transitions advocates that the provision of vocational services needs to be regarded as a key tool in the successful provision of community based mental health services. The benefits which accrue from such services have the potential to positively impact in the broadest possible terms: from the clients to the wider community at large. Description of Facility/Organisation: The AMHS is a non-Government organisation which was established 7 years ago by families of consumers of mental health services for people who experience a psychiatric illness. Services include supported accommodation (5 homes), 24 hour staffed residential support and vocational support. The AMHS employs a total of 31 staff (full and part time), servicing the North Shore of Auckland/ Rodney County, with a population of approx. 280,000 people.

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