Women’s Health Care House

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Authors: Mental Health Community Outreach Project

Year: 1999

Event: 1999 TheMHS Awards


Type of resource: TheMHS Awards

Award state: WA

Award level: Bronze

Award category: Specialist Service or Innovative Part of a Larger Service

Abstract: The Women's Health Care House Mental Health Community Outreach Project uses a strengths meodels of service delivery to provide a varity of innovative support services to women with a diagnosis of either a psychotic or severe depreeive disorder, who are bringing up children. The objective is to provide participatory, community based and community led supports to enable women with children to cope with their own mental illness and care for their children. Because the Mental Health Community Outreach Project is located within a generic women's health centre, the project has diverged from otther psychiatric supports in the mental health system, reflecting a philosophy of a holistic approach to women's health needs. Being located at a generic women's health centre also healps to reduce the effect of the stigma attached to mental illness. Description of Facility/Organisation: The Mental Health Community Outreach Project is a non government, not for profit community based support service at Women's Health Care House for women who have been diagnosed with a psychosis or depressive illness and are caring for children, and who live in the Perth inner city or lower northern metropolitan region. Developed in 1995, the MHCOP was initially resources for a three year period by National Mental Health Strategy funds. In the last financial period the Western AUstralian Health Department assumed responsibility for administering these funds. The project's budget is currently $90,000 per annum. A number of smaller non-recurrent grants have been successfully obtained, and used primariliyu for recreational activities. The project is staffed on a part-time basis by two qualified social workers. There are approximately forty women actively acessing the supports provided by the Mental Health Community Outreach Project.

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