Keynote Recording: Collaboration for Mental Health

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Authors: Michael Clinton and Anne Olsen

Year: 1998

Event: 1998 TheMHS Conference

Subject: keynote, audio, recording, consumer collaboration, making history

Type of resource: Audio

Abstract: The National Mental Health Policy has stimulated collaboration among health professionals and consumers. Many positive benefits have come from this trend, but it is important that collaboration ensures an equal voice for consumers and that it does not become yet another way that their interests are subordinated to those of health professionals. Three examples will be used to highlight the opportunities for good practice that can emerge when mental health professionals and consumers work together. The first example concerns the role of the Consumer Advisory Committee at the former Centre for Mental Health Nursing Research at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane and focuses on the vexed issue of research into expressed emotion or EE. The second concerns assumptions about the need for people with a serious mental health illness to improve their communication skills and reports progress in a collaborative education project. The third concerns what it is like for consumers to contribute to international texts on mental health edited by mental health professionals. Dynamics of collaboration are emphasised in this joint presentation and some wider implications are explored.

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